To Start It All Off

I like to send emails to my friends about books that I’ve read and recipes that I’ve tried. In fact when I was a Pampered Chef consultant, the part I loved most (besides the free kitchen products) was writing the newsletter and trying new recipes to put in my newsletter. But email can be tedious for those who don’t want to read it!

So here I am, I’m going to try out another power of the internet! I’ve just read the book Save Karyn, all about the girl who successfully put up a website and asked strangers surfing the web to give her $1 to help pay off her $20,000 of credit card debt. Now I’m not asking for anything! I’m just thinking about how I can use the internet to my advantage. And I figured free blog? I will try this! In fact this might be my way I go about distributing recipes to my friends now, so I wouldn’t clutter up your inbox with lists of books or recipes! You can just come here to my little blog!

Plus I might have humorous side notes about my weekends and discuss what I think about the contestants on “American Idol” or the most recent fashion goof exposed on “What Not to Wear”.

So if you want to see what my day to day life is like read on!

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