Patio Furniture

My new favorite website:

It’s got everything! I am just out there watching for good deals on furniture or a freezer right now, but last night we made our first purchase off it.

We bought patio furniture for our screened in porch at our new house!
And we got a deal! The people bought the set at Target last fall.

Currently it is $600 for the set (2 chairs, loveseat, and coffee table), and we got it for $400, plus a fake palm tree, which we don’t need, but maybe it’ll be cool 🙂 Now we’ll just watch for the ottoman to go on clearance this fall…

It’s the only space we had no furniture for, and we wanted to be able to enjoy the porch this summer!

Now we find some end tables.. they had some for sale too, but we just want to pick up some cheapies right now or do without…

Anyway, Have a good weekend, folks! Gotta love the weekends!

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