Inflated Prices

So Chad and I went shopping for a rug for our living room on Monday. We headed back to Marshall Fields Home store where we had found a rug we were considering… Well we decided that the rug wasn’t the best, but then found one we liked much better.

So we asked for some help, and got some brief help from a rude salesman, who told us that our rug was on sale for $599… (it was originally $1000, but 2 minutes later he told the lady right next to us that he could give her a rug for $500 even though it was marked $599) So we decided to wait for a better sale or find a coupon or at least a different salesman… But I did note the brand name of the rug, because there were different sales for different brands…

So yesterday I decided to see if I could find other dealers of this rug… From the Nourison website… Dealers came up as Gabberts, and some other upscale places, but I was able to determine the name and style number of the rug… And then by googling, I found the rug at several rug websites for $199 with free shipping… and then I found it at for $179 (regular price!!)… with free shipping (in 5-7 days vs. Fields’ 3-4 weeks)! that’s a $420 difference and at least 2 weeks faster!

So the moral of the story, use Marshall Field’s as your showroom, but comparison shop before you purchase!!!

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