Fountain Diet Coke – I Knew I Wasn't Crazy!!

People often wonder why I would prefer Diet Coke from fountain instead of from a can or bottle… And according to the Diet Coke entry Wikipedia, a difference does exist!! Fountain pop may contain saccharin and Nutra-Sweet as the bottled version only contains Nutra-Sweet. It also goes on to say that the Coca-Cola Zero version which I never knew is similar to the European version which uses a blend of different sweeteners.

And I’m disappointed that Diet Coke with Splenda is not doing that well, because some days I really prefer it… although I would still take a fountain Diet Coke over Diet Coke with Splenda any day! Unfortunately they have not come out with a Caffeine-Free version with Splenda.

The only other soda I know that uses Splenda is Diet 7-up now, and it is YUMMMY!

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