Weekend at the Beach (and Mall)

Sarah was out here this weekend with me. And it was great having some good quality “girl” time!

On Friday afternoon, I picked her up at the airport and headed to Newport Beach to do some shopping (and avoid traffic back to Corona). We checked out Fashion Island and Crystal Cove. It was a lot of fun. We got some “big” stylish sunglasses and other good deals.

On Saturday, it was overcast, and I wanted to hit Ontario Mills Outlet Mall at some point, so we decided we would hold out for better weather on Sunday and hit the beach. We found more good deals. After shopping we went to American Dreamz. It was OK. I mean the parady of the characters to real life (President Bush, American Idol’s Simon Cowell, and several American Idol contestants) was well done.. however the plot was not the high point… and if you’re not a fan of American Idol, the parody might be subtle. After the movie, we headed to Honolulu Harry’s (can you tell I like this place?) for some drinks and we also got some deep fried Sweet Potatoes (encrusted with coconut and Parmesan… YUM!) After that we went back to the room where we had a couple drinks (as seen in my previous post) and then over to Miguel’s (the Mexican restaurant next door) for food and a margarita. It was a good night!

Sunday we got up early to overcast skies, but decided to head to Laguna Beach anyways. After walking around and checking out shops for about an hour, the sun came out! So we sat out on the beach for about an hour. (I got a nice sunburn) We then had lunch on a patio overlooking an ocean (and pigeons!) After lunch, we walked around shops a little more, stopped at the car for some sunscreen and then back to the beach where we found a grassy spot near the boardwalk and did some quality people (and dog) watching.

Last night we went and got some Asian cuisine before coming back and crashing after our sun filled day. Sarah flew out this morning and I headed back to work. It was a long day, but glad that I will be home in 72 hours!

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