Remember When…

Remember when I was gung ho about Weight Watchers and getting skinny?

I barely remember, except I am reminded when I try to get dressed in the morning. 😦 It’s not fun wearing the same thing week after week, because I only have a few things that fit well.

This job and all the travel has been hectic on my waistline! I don’t feel like I have a regular schedule which makes me so uninspired to eat well or exercise even when I am home… (it also keeps me unmotivated to do projects around the house)

But today I did better. I ate cereal (Kashi) before I came to work, and then for lunch, I got a deli round sandwich from Subway (smaller) and ate it with a small yogurt. No chips!! And I am full. My clothes are still tight, but I have to get back to eating smaller portions and making smarter decisions, no matter what “sounds” good at the time. I’m giving myself credit for that at least.

but sigh.. what’s even more depressing right now I’m still considerably smaller from when I started Weight Watchers… but I didn’t buy many clothes at that in between size.. so I have lots of cute stuff that is too small for me right now, and some that is still too big, but not much of anything that fits really good…

I need to get back on track.

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