Weekend Review

This weekend went fast.   It started out frustrating, when of course an issue came up at work around 3:50 which needed to be fixed before our fiscal month end on Saturday.  I was the only one around to deal with it.  The most frustrating part was that it was an issue that someone on our team had encountered before, but didn’t remember the solution or had it documented. Plus it required people with the right access to the system due to Sarbanes-Oxley.  Fun stuff.

So Saturday morning, I got up. Logged on.  Luckily had a solution from our Vendor, and was able to get a hold of the right people.  It wasn’t so bad, just frustrating, as it could have been avoided.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Gopher football game. We went with Chad’s company.  Tailgated with the group before heading to the game. It was a fun time, and fun to see all his co-workers.

Today I went to a baby shower for Bridget.  She and Jim (Chad’s friend) are expecting a baby girl on the 26th, so it was fun to see her and all the other ladies.  Now I’m home and surprisingly hungry… Off to look for food…

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