I tried to resist

Chad had a cold two weeks before Christmas and then right after Christmas, and I thought I had resisted it. Friday I noticed I was coughing. Saturday was OK. But Sunday I woke up completely stuffed up and my sinuses were killing me.  Yuk.   I broke down and took Sudafed.  I hate Sudafed. It makes me jittery, and I can’t sleep.

But it clears my sinuses. I also found that sleeping on my left side keeps my sinuses more clear than sleeping on my right side.  Is that strange??

As I don’t like Sudafed, I had to go out and buy some yesterday. My excursion was annoying, because I found out that our Target is going to be closed through October!! They are converting it to a SuperTarget, but how annoying it will be while it’s closed. I will have to go to Savage or Lakeville.  For now I have downtown, but even that isn’t super convenient, especially to haul things home on the bus.

Not a whole lot more going on…  we laid low this weekend.  Tomorrow my new niece or nephew will be here. I won’t go and visit, as babies should not be near me and my cold.  And I have a work meeting too.

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