Weekend Points

  • Picked up Maria’s 6 month portraits on Friday. She’s so stinking cute!
  • Along with portraits, I picked up the Christmas cards. They had given me the envelopes when we ordered them 2 weeks ago, BUT I hadn’t touched them. I did however manage to get all the cards in the mail this morning!
  • We went to Chad’s company’s holiday party on Friday night. Heavy hour’deurves at Stella’s and then “Stuck in the Manger with you or Carol, on my Wayward Son” at Brave New Workshop. Super funny. We have a good time everytime we go there. We also rode the bus from the theatre back to our car with Chad’s boss, because hailing a cab in Minneapolis is impossible!
  • Saturday I went to the mall. That was stupid! But I got what I needed!
  • I also went to Kohl’s on Saturday. They had early bird specials that went until 1. I got there at 12:45, not knowing about their specials. But it was worth it not having to wait in line to save $3. BUT the cash registers actually had the prices in the system until 2, so I still got them without the lines!
  • I also went to Mill End Textiles. I’ve never been to the one in Burnsville. It’s a nice store. Lots of fabrics. Great prices!
  • I only have 2 1/2 gifts left! I think that’s pretty good, considering we buy for everyone in our families and I have 2 birthdays that I have to shop for in there too!
  • Saturday I went to Sarah and Curt’s annual Christmas party. I hadn’t been to their house since last January. They have remodeled, and I wasn’t sure I was at the right house… Quite the change!
  • I barely watched the Packer game on Sunday. Chad doesn’t like to share the big TV during football Sundays, and I just didn’t feel like sitting on a kitchen chair for 3 hours. Plus they blew out the Raiders, so it wasn’t an exciting game. I was more interested in Detroit.. but unfortunately Dallas pulled it off in the last minutes. Dang!
  • Chad is addicted to Guitar Hero. I think I would be too, if I had more time. It is fun!
  • As of yesterday, the tree and house are decorated! That is an accomplishment!

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