What Do You Want to Know?

I’m typing as I’m listening to my baby “snore” over the monitor. She has a bad cold and is very stuffed up! I stayed home with her yesterday. We went to the doctor too, to make sure it wasn’t her ears. It wasn’t, which is good! I was worried that every cold would lead to an ear infection!

Not much going on. I’m done with my Christmas shopping! Got the last gift card yesterday. But besides that, I finished last Friday!  Nice!

Everything but one present (which came via internet/mail yesterday) is wrapped and under the tree!

I’m done with work until next Wednesday! Then a 2 day week, and then back for another 2 day week… yes, I can’t complain about work, I guess!

Now, I’m off to make dinner. Our SuperTarget sells great D’Amico food. Like Chicken Parmesan. 4 nice size pieces for about $11. I really don’t think that is that bad of a price for that.  I’d probably pay $6 for the chicken alone, and then still have to prepare it! This is bake and serve!  Much nicer for work week food!

That is all. Sorry for being a tad boring…

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