Crazy Busy Life

We have been busy.

Friday- we went to Hudson to hang out with Sarah and Lilah.  We hung out and then went to lunch. I made a bad decision in not leaving before going into Applebee’s… Maria was done with hanging out and wanted to go home.

Saturday- I took a TON of stuff to the consignment shop.  That took a good hour. But it was nice to drop 50+ items off and hopefully I’ll make some nice $$ off them!  Maria also went to bed at 5:30 that night, so I baked some cookies, did my nails (fingers and toes) and got stuff ready for G&G to come over the next day.

Sunday- Grandma and Grandpa came over for brunch. I decided it was less stressful to clean up my house, grocery shop, and make egg bake then take Maria out to brunch.  Maria went down for a nap shortly after eating, so Jean (Grandma) and I went shopping and left the men in charge of the monitor.  3 hours later, and a couple outfits for Maria, 2 pairs of shoes for Grandma, and a sweater for myself, we declared our shopping a success.

Today it was back to work.

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