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Went back to work on Tuesday. I found a short contract position working for a company that I previously worked at for a few months. It makes a nice transition to go back to some place familiar, even if it had been almost 2 years!


I am now 31 weeks pregnant and not always sure how I will make it through the next 9 weeks!  Feeling huge.  Plus if I do too much (i.e. walk, pick up Maria, spend too much time on my feet, combination of any of the above) I sometimes have contractions which reminds me to slow down.  Last week was hard, because Chad was out of town, but we survived and he is now home for at least 2 weeks.


She is definitely 2.  The last few weeks she is all about being independent and making decisions. This mostly comes in the form of not listening when she doesn’t want to hear what we have to say, especially at bed time.  We struggle with this, especially knowing that I shouldn’t be picking her up. But a time out only stalls bed time which is exactly what she wants…

She does love to help and when I sat at the bottom of the stairs to rest last week, she held my legs and told me she wouldn’t let me fall… 🙂


He’s on vacation for 2 weeks.  and I am jealous.

Here are some pictures from making cookies yesterday. Maria only stayed interested until I let her use the rolling pin and then she was off to play and wait for Lilah to come over to play. Today I am frosting them and we’ll see if she’s interested in that… 🙂

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

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