Full Term

I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant, which means I am full-term and this baby could come any time.  I am feeling pretty well – actually probably then I felt in December.  I think with Maria I was so ready to be done being pregnant at this point, but right now am not sure.  I think though there are several factors to this: 1 – it’s not 80 degrees like it was the spring I was pregnant with Maria, 2- I’m not completely hating my job and want to finish some things up, but probably the biggest reason is 3- My house is not ready!! 🙂

I still want to get the room completely ready and things sorted through. We aren’t changing the nursery, just moving Maria’s stuff out of it.  Most of that is done, but I haven’t completely unpacked the stuff that goes back in.  I finally got a load of newborn baby clothes washed, so hopefully can get those put away in the next few days.

One car has the carseat base installed, and I picked up a swing and papasan/bouncy this weekend (Craigslist find).  Still lots of cleaning and a bag to be packed! 🙂

OH! And getting Maria healthy!  Poor girl has an awful cold/virus.  Thought last night we were dealing with Croup.  But the doctor thinks it’s just a viral cold.  He did prescribe a cough suppressant to help her sleep (and help us sleep) but it means I’m taking yet another day off from work tomorrow!  Ugh!  Hopefully it doesn’t turn into an ear or eye infection!  Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Full Term

  1. I hope Maria is feeling better. And I have to say, I’m glad someone else isn’t ready, because we sure aren’t! There are still baby clothes piled on the floor that need to be washed, and shelves that need staining, and we don’t even have our bag packed yet. Eek. Probably we should get on that soon.

    • I don’t have a bag packed either! 🙂 AND I’m not exactly sure what we will do with Maria… a lot depends on when things start to progress.

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