7 Weeks Old

Charlie is 7 weeks old and quite the little man!  He was baptized on Easter Sunday.  Quite the day celebrating with both sides of the family!  A full house, but it was a gorgeous day!

Charlie loves to smile and coo. He is also loving his exercise time on his playmat more.  In fact, we often exercise together.  Me with Jillian Michaels* and Charlie on his mat.

Charlie is also consistently sleeping after his exercise time (my shower/breakfast time) and then again sleeping in the afternoon.

Nights are still seeming kind of long. He does about 3-4 hours at a time. Some nights it doesn’t seem so bad, but some nights the cumulative fatigue just seems impossible.

Overall, we are all in love with Charlie.  Hard to believe I go back to work in less than 7 weeks.  Hopefully Charlie can start sleeping longer for us before then!

Easter - Baptism

Our pastor is leaving our church, which is why we had baptism on Easter. It also was good because the gown probably wouldn’t have fit Charlie much longer!  My mom made the gown for my brother.  It has been worn by my brother, myself, my nephew and nieces (Andrew, Katelyn, Elizabeth) and both Maria & Charlie.

Easter - Baptism

Easter - Baptism

More Easter Pictures Here

*3 days in.  good workout for 20 minutes. It would probably be more effective too if there was less candy in the house!

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