All those times my mother told me to do it myself… now is payback.

Last night around 9, I was in the kitchen and Maria comes out of her room. 

Mommy, my lovey fell out of bed, and I’m tooo sleepy to pick it up myself.

Even though I’m so tired of stall tactics, I kept my cool, walked her back to her room. Got her back in bed, and picked up her lovey off the floor, while she proceeded to (animatedly) tell me about the dream she was having.  While I focused on the fact that this was all a ploy that she just needs to be reassured that I am here.  (reading a lot about separation anxiety)

Then at 2 a.m. I woke up to a crying Charlie, but when I got out of bed, I decided that I drank too much water before bed, and Charlie would have to wait a few minutes while I got rid of that water! By the time I was in his room, he was reduced to a whimpering and was looking around his crib for his sleeping needs. I helped him find his pacifier and he found 1 lovey, but didn’t realize he was sitting on the other. Again, not sure why he can’t figure out to just look for them right away without getting upset and waking all of us! 

Self-Service needs to be better enforced in our house!

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