Easter 2012

We’ve had a great April so far.  It’s been a lot of Easter celebrations.

Last weekend, we went on an Easter Egg Hunt with Maria & Charlie’s cousins in their neighborhood.  It was fun seeing the Easter Bunny (although Charlie did not get too close) and seeing our cousins.  The kids got a lot of good play time together!

This past weekend, our daycare was closed on Friday, so the kids and I did some shopping and spent the day together.  Saturday we had swimming lessons. Charlie has decided to act his age! And the Terrible Two’s surfaced more than once! Including not staying for more than 3 minutes of swim lessons.  I am trying to focus some on diet now because it seems to get better when he eats, so I’m trying to focus on food that sticks and doesn’t cause a sugar crash.. (this kid loves his carbs and sugar!)

Yesterday afternoon, Maria & I made a run to Costco, then decorated eggs  while Charlie napped. Shortly after, my parents arrived. Maria was so excited for them to stay overnight.

Side note: earlier in the week, Maria told me how excited she was for Easter.  When I asked her why, she said “because it means Jesus is alive and my cousins and grandpa & grandma are coming over!”.  She never thought about the Easter bunny.  Proud!

Last night Maria & Charlie enjoyed their time with my parents. This morning we went to church. Both kids sat and colored and looked at the activity bags and were relatively quiet.  Charlie did offer up an “ALL DONE” at the end of one song, but other than that, we only had one water break.

Chad’s parents and brother’s family came over to join us for dinner.  We had some delicious food. Mostly prepared by others!  The kids got to play outside. Charlie got to nap and was not happy about missing out on the outside playtime.

After my parents left and Chad’s brother left, I went for a run, based on a guilt of consumed chocolate. Afterwards, both kids had a bath. We scrounged up dinner for everyone and it was early bedtime.  A great weekend. Lots of fun!

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