Wrapping up the Summer

Summer. It’s busy.  Nothing terribly exciting, but still lots of fun things going on too.

Right now our focus is on school.  Maria starts school next Thursday.  Last week I started getting a little nervous about it.  I’m not sure why. She is so ready for this next chapter.  She will do great.  I think I’m most nervous for the transition.  I’m a fan of routine.  I think my kids are too.   Maria especially.  Transitions are hard for her.  Last year she had a tough time when she didn’t even switch preschools, but she had new classmates and some went off to Kindergarten.  It was tough.  Tomorrow is her last day of preschool, and it is going to be tough to say goodbye to her teachers and the staff there. 

On the other hand, I have briefly met a few teachers at her new school, although not her teacher.  We meet her tonight. Her backpack is filled with all her supplies. We’ve figured out her bus stop and the times. She will catch it at daycare and get off there at the end of the day too.  (5 years ago, I specifically went looking for a daycare on the same bus route – my planning pays off!)

I’m sure as the next week unfolds I will have pictures for you and hopefully no exciting stories. I’d like this to all go smoothly!  🙂

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