I ran some errands tonight. First and foremost, I had to go to Tiffany’s to get my necklace polished. Turns out it’s a big “No No” to wear silver jewelry in a hot tub! Oops! $10 and 30 minutes later it was back to new!

Then I headed over to the MOA because I had a coupon at New York & Company. I like shopping for clothes now that I’ve lost weight, because it’s fun to see what I can fit into, but I’m still hesitant to buy too much, because never know if this will last, but I hope so!

Then(!) I started walking back to my car, and I saw a store I have never paid any attention to before. The Clarks shoe store. I have recently become a fan! After tonight I have 3 pairs of Clark shoes. They always seemed pretty conservative to me, comfortable, but conservative. But they have a new line called “Indigo by Clark” and all very updated! I bought a pair last fall at Herberger’s (Cute wedges with bows). My other Clarks aren’t “indigo” and I got them at DSW last month. These are just cute casual brown (and blue) sandals.

It’ll be nice to finally have casual and comfortable brown sandals besides my Berkenstocks! I’m so excited! Don’t tell Chad! Sometimes it’s nice that he doesn’t read my blog! Because I can tell all my shopping adventures!

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