Low Key Days

Chad got his wisdom teeth out on Friday, so he’s keeping low this weekend. We pulled out the hideabed and he is enjoying life in front of the tv. I know he is enjoying pudding, but I think he would like to be able to eat something besides pudding and soup. Maybe tonight we’ll have scrambled eggs or something…

Yesterday, I got up early and went to Kohl’s for a sale. I realized at Kohl’s that people are already doing Christmas shopping. I bought some wrapping paper, but everything else was for me! After Kohl’s, I went to the Y and then I came home and got ready and ran errands… Only a few, but they were long, because I had to drive to Arden Hills, to Oakdale, and to Woodbury. I did get to see Chad’s parents and Melanie and Drew and Katelyn. It’s funny how the kids are excited to see me, but when I’m right there, they are a little shy. I thought Katelyn might want to come home with me when I told her all Chad was eating was banana cream pudding (like “banana pie”) and ice cream, but even that wasn’t enough 🙂 Last night I watched a lot of TiVo and dozed… before going to bed early.

Today, I will make cookies for the nice neighbors who keep mowing our lawn! Go to the Y. Catch up on some homework, and laundry… oh and watch the Packers play the Steelers…

That’s all… a nice low key weekend.

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