Weekend Notes

Friday night – I hosted a Pampered Chef party. The demonstration was baked chicken wontons. YUMMMM! I love wontons. It was a good time. A great mix of friends!

Saturday – Chad and I met with a financial advisor… We really need to start preparing for retirement in 2028. Which makes me really think that I need a career change, because that is a long way away!! Saturday night, we decided to go see the movie Two for the Money, however it was only playing in Hopkins and Maple Grove. We decided on Hopkins. We didn’t allow for busy hustle and bustle of downtown Hopkins. By the time we found parking, we were late and there was a long line for tickets and popcorn, and we hadn’t eaten. So we left and headed to Jake’s for dinner and then over to the Rengstorf’s to see their new place and hang out with Chad’s friends. Nice relaxing evening and fun to see the guys and Joana.

Sunday – Hit the gym, and then watched some of the Vikings game. It’s tough in MN to root against the Vikings when there is a chance of overtime, because overtime usually delays the Packers game being shown, even with the Sunday Ticket. but the vikings pulled it out along with every team in the NFC North. oh well. At least the Packers looked good for a 1-7 team with about 15 injuries… gotta love those upsets! And Chad learned he was a genius, because the Fox announcers said anyone with 5th string runningback Samkon Gado on their Fantasy team was a genius… Now I just hope they can keep winning consistently, to give them a chance to get back into this… because I was starting to treasure the thought of a #1 draft pick and an easy schedule next year, but winning is much more fun!

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