29 Plus or Minus 3

It’s not so bad, really, it isn’t! Although who ordered snow?!! I don’t ever remember it snowing on my birthday… maybe it has, but I don’t remember. I do remember lots of good birthdays though!

My early birthday memories at home mainly exist of deer hunting. My dad wasn’t a big hunter, but we always had people hunting on our farm, and I remember sitting in the kitchen window with binoculars and trying to find the deer hunters, and then of course there were the gutted deer hanging in the garage. And our poor dog Sniffer… she had to stay tied up during hunting season, so she didn’t get shot. She liked to chase deer. My aunt and uncle came one year and my cousin Melissa and I shared a cake…

I do remember that we had family parties where we had China and the green glasses. And Grandpa Accola always gave me change that he’d been saving all year. Often it came in an old BenGay canister and all the money smelled of Bengay! but it was money, I wasn’t complaining!

Once we moved to Rochester, I don’t remember a lot of specific birthdays. I know that I always woke up really early. I was much to excited.

My junior year of high school, my friends “kidnapped” me. Luckily I had woken up early and was in the shower (singing loudly) when they arrived, so I didn’t get dragged straight out of bed, but I did get teased about my singing. They then dragged me to the house of the cute boy I had a crush on (Dennis F.) for pictures at 7 am. Then to Denny’s (the restaurant, not the cute boy) for breakfast. Cute boy had a meeting before school (somewhat of an academic type) so he couldn’t make it. Fun birthday.

My senior year of high school, I took the SAT on the 16th, so I didn’t get to celebrate late, so I planned my own party for the next night. No one showed up on time, Brenda tricked me into coming to pick her up (her car didn’t start) and my friends were all at her house! It was Jae Jae’s birthday too, and we stayed up most of the night. I wonder if Brenda still has the video footage… I hope not. We were just silly and immature. That was the year, a couple of our guy friends got sent to EconoFoods to pick up something and came back with a miniature shopping cart… and a little while later, someone’s parents called and the police showed up, because EconoFoods wanted their shopping cart back… No one got in trouble, they just didn’t get to keep the shopping cart.

College… hmmm… Sloppy Joes, Applesauce Jello, and Jello shots! yummm.. good times. Nicki, Beth, Angie, Alison, and Jill usually came to celebrate after they graduated. I’d make a mix tape for the weekend! Lots of 80s songs, and Shania Twain for Smutny! Nicki smeared blue frosting on her face like Mimi from Drew Carey.. a memory she just reminded me of this past weekend. Karin ate cheesy potatos. 🙂

Post college… more sloppy joes and jello shots… oh and potato chips from a box! My first year working at Retek, the guys thought I was 22 or 23… that was nice, because I was 26! Super old compared to everyone else! 🙂 Then I came down with the flu and didn’t work or celebrate the rest of the week. Retek IPOed that week… I missed the celebrations at work too. Sarah took care of me though… that was the year we were roommates.

5 years ago, I threw my own party. The first in my new house. I invited this boy I had met at the bars the week earlier. He didn’t come, but I married him 3 years later anyway!

This year…. having a good day… started with a Peppermint Mocha (yummmmm… a Starbucks holiday drink), had lunch at Baja Sol Tortilla Grill… Dinner will be at Maggiano’s tonight!! My 33rd year is starting off well!

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