Spring Cleaning, A Shower, and Warm Weather

Wow this past weekend was action packed… well definitely packed!

The painter got finished with the painting on Friday afternoon.  (Finished painting, NOT finished cleaning up!)  We love the colors and everything looked great (except for the mess) So Sarah came over in the evening and we cleaned and cleaned! Much of the house seemed to be covered in the fine dust that came from sanding the walls after skim-coating… (yes painting requires many steps upon removing wallpaper!)  We got things cleaned up and then we put out the new kitchen rug (purchased about 18 months ago from Pottery Barn).  We also set up the crib and changing table!

Meanwhile Chad was watching basketball in San Antonio.  Yes, he got out of the mess situation pretty easily, but I think all that work was a LOT easier with Sarah, then it would have been with Chad!  Don’t get me wrong. He tries… but again there was basketball on!  And I imagine hockey and possibly even baseball.  Sarah was the better choice!

Since Friday was a late night, Sarah just crashed here.  The painter also came back in the morning, to clean up the paint smears on the hardwood floors and trim, as well as repair the popcorn ceiling, and looked at a ding in one of our good doors… although he didn’t seem to care that our door had a big ding, so I just paid him to get him out of here… I didn’t need to hear his advice about what I could buy at Home Depot to fix the problem… I could go to Home Depot, and there are plenty of people there who would be happy to tell me!

Sarah hung out here most of the morning (even ate lunch here). After she left, I showered and headed out to run some errands.  Afterwards I had a nap, some dinner, and then it was 7 pm, already… So I started working on the rest of the cleaning. Again a little late night for me.

Sunday was my shower! (and Anne’s birthday… Happy Birthday Anne!) The shower was at my house… (which is why Sarah helped me clean). Heather and Sarah came early to get ready. Heather brought her Kirby vacuum for me to use, and I had some major nesting while I de-dusted my house.  My couch actually changed color when I vacuumed it… too much dust from the sanding! The shower was great. Lots of people came. It was fun to see everyone! Again Sarah hung out until right before Chad got home.  He thinks I didn’t miss him too much, because I had Sarah here most of the weekend, but I doubt he really missed me… the only time he called me (meaning I didn’t have to call him first) was when he wanted me to TiVo the Gopher Hockey game… this was in the middle of my shower which he apologized for interrupting, but then he didn’t even know what channel to record!  yes, sports are the center of his life right now… another 7 weeks, he better have changed his mind!

We had some great weather yesterday (and today!). Although the severe weather sirens went off in the middle of the gifts.  Luckily there wasn’t a huge barometric drop and none of the 7 pregnant women went into labor!

That’s about all I know.  I need to get to bed, so I can be more productive at work tomorrow then I was today!  Plus I need to get my feet elevated, so I don’t have to wear my Birkenstocks to work!  Tonight they were the only shoes that fit.  Plus I’m wearing Chad’s wedding band… although I would like to clarify that my fingers are swollen but not hugely as he has delicate fingers!  🙂

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