A Sign for my Lil' Packer fan??

I just realized that seeing Max McGee last night was a sign… A sign that this baby should be a Packer fan!  I should have gotten up and talked to him, so Chad would have no argument with my sign!  But all those in favor, say ‘I’… all those opposed…  you can just keep it to yourself. I’d appreciate that!  If this baby receives any Viking paraphernalia… it will probably sit in a drawer until baby has outgrown it!  Lucky me, I’ll probably be responsible for dressing the baby and laundry… so that will be convenient!  :)  And I will make sure we see Uncle Mike and Cousin Drew often during football season!

5 points to any of you who knew who Max McGee was in either post without going to the link!  I know there are a few of you out there!

3 thoughts on “A Sign for my Lil' Packer fan??

  1. Do I even need to articulate my vote? Total Packer fan baby…it is the only way!!

    When Chloe was born, we declared her a Packer baby. Paul was upset (being a confused and deluded Vikings fan) and she did receive some Vikings clothing. We solved that problem, though – we put the Vikings clothes on first thing in the morning – by the time she ate and pooed…well…a change of clothes was necessary…and, what do you know – a Packers outfit was always available right at game time…amazing…

    We also taught her to say “Go Pack go” by regularly playing the little Packer football. Now she says it whenever any football game is on!

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