Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend… but ask us what we did… doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but Maria kept us busy!

On Saturday, Chad got up early for a round of golf with his dad. Maria and I went up to see Grandma!  By the time we got through the drive-thru for my morning latte, we were running later than I planned and by the time we got to Grandma’s, Maria was almost ready for a nap. So she had a mid-morning snack, and then played with Grandma before going down for a nap.  Grandma told me to run some errands. So I did!  Maria was just getting up when I got back so she had some lunch, and then played with Grandpa who was just getting home from golf.  We got home early afternoon and spent the rest of the day at home. Chad spend the afternoon re-imaging our old computer to get ready to pass it on to his parents.

Sunday, Maria and I were up early and headed to Target. We were in quest of a Wii Fit, but of course they were sold out by the time we got there.  We didn’t know until 8:30 that they were featured in the flyer this week.   We did get some groceries and then picked up some coffee for Chad to help lure him out of bed when we got home!  Again we spent the day at home. Chad cleaned out the garage too. It was a much bigger job than either of us anticipated! I also ran to Once Upon a Child to just see what they had.  They had a lot of winter clothes and a lot of dirty and gross strollers. I bought one pair of shorts for Maria. I’m surprised at the shape some of the stuff they have is in.  And if I was trying to sell old baby stuff, I would think it would be worth my while to clean it up!

Today, I planted my flowers. Finally! One advantage to doing it this late in the season is that the flowers were on sale! I also went a little nuts with the Round-Up. Hopefully trying to tame some of the thistles in our dry creek bed and some crab grass in my rose bush. And if it kills the rose bush – I won’t be upset, because it doesn’t look very good with all the crab grass, which I can’t just pull without losing half the skin on my hand!

But yeah, doesn’t seem like a lot, but throw in a 1 year old, and wow. that’s a busy weekend! She is all about holding on to our fingers right now and walking. And if you stop, she lays down on the floor, rolls around, and cries.  Even if you stop and pick her up, she throws a fit. She is all about figuring out how to walk. She did stand up by herself a couple times this weekend.  She is definitely “talking” more and more too.   Fun fun! But definitely takes a lot of energy to keep up with her!

One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Maggie can walk on her own now (getting better every day!) but she still LOVES to grab one of our fingers and ‘take us for a walk’. And if we don’t cooperate, Hello, meltdown!! It’s so funny how they get such independent ideas so young.

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