Child Proofing

I fear the need for child proofing the door knobs soon!  Maria has figured out how to open the pantry.  (I installed a lock on that door last week) and has found her way into the master bedroom closet several times. I know it’s only a matter of time before she figures out the bathroom… She really loves to flush!!!

She also tried to open the oven door the other night, when I left the oven light on while baking! Yikes!!!

She is pretty good about the kitchen cupboards. I mainly let her play in most of them. There is only one cabinet that is not locked that probably should be, but she always says “No no no” when she opens it, so we’re fully warned! Unfortunately, I did not realize she would pull one of my Pampered Chef stones out of one and it got broken tonight.  It didn’t even phase her, and she didn’t get a scolding. That was all my fault!!

So tomorrow I have a mission to check out the childproofing aisle at BRU!!!

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