Weekend Update

We were aiming for a low key weekend, but Saturday did NOT turn out to be that way.  But it was all good.  Even though we are still feeling like complete slobs in our house since we returned from camp over a week ago.

Saturday morning, we met up with my sister-in-law Kim and Jana and Luke to see a dress rehearsal for Sesame Street Live’s next show – 1-2-3 Imagine!.  Kim just found out about it on Friday and it was great!  Unlike the Target Center, we were very close! And unlike January, Maria was not freaked out by the dark and loud music. Oh, and it was free!!  Great time! It was fun watching the 3 kids dance! When it first started, Maria kept asking to get down, because she wanted to go up by Elmo.

Saturday afternoon, after a much too short nap, Chad’s parents came over. Then my sister-in-law Melanie and nieces Katelyn & Elizabeth came over too. They were having a girls’ weekend with Andrew and Mike being off at boy scout camp.  It was fun to see everyone.  They all stayed for dinner, but we ate in shifts.  Waffles for dinner! I don’t think Chad was impressed, but no one else seemed to mind.. well Katelyn did want popcorn, but Melanie promised that when they got home!

Today we were up and had a lazy morning. We headed over to Savage to check out the Farmer’s Market.  It is right by a nice independent coffee shop, so we were able to get some coffee and then walk through and get cinnamon rolls, sweet corn, green beans, and cucumbers from the farmer’s market!  Wish we had discovered this earlier in the summer!

This afternoon, we all got some good down time when Maria took a 2 hour nap! She definitely needed it! She has been fighting all naps and bedtimes this weekend, and acting out a LOT!  She is definitely 2!  Yowsers!  But a 2 hour nap was what we all needed! After her nap, she informed me that she wanted red toenails, as I promised I’d paint her nails is she was good and napped.  So we had to head to Target, as I didn’t have a nice red for a little girl.  She was again very good, and we spent less than $20 at Target!  Impressive, I thought!

After getting her nails done (it’s amazing how still she can sit for that and while they dry!), I settled in to watch a little golf with Chad before making dinner. Maria played pretty well, and at one point we looked up and she was sitting in the corner rocking chair reading stories to her babies!  Aww!

Maria and her Babies

It was a great weekend with a relaxing end!

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