Four Weeks Old!

Today Maria is 4 weeks old!  Wow!  To celebrate, Chad took the day off, and I got a pedicure and went shopping!

I came home and Chad said “she cried, then she ate a little before she fell asleep, then she woke up and cried, so she ate a little more”  And Chad didn’t have time to finish his lunch, because she was a handful!  He had to get off the phone with his dad, because she started crying so loud.  She also pee’d while he was changing her diaper, resulting in a wet outfit, and a changing table that needed to be cleaned up. 

Welcome to Mommy World!  This is good though. Now he has had the opportunity to truly understand why some days getting the mail is not going to happen. AND I got pampered and some new clothes!

It also seems like in the last couple days we have figured out how to use her pacifier more successfully, and she is definitely more aware of light and objects around her. She laid on her playmat today for about 20 minutes by herself, just looking at the giraffe hanging above her.






P.S. Last night we had dinner with the Myers’ cousins, and Grandpa and Grandma, and the consensus last night was that Maria looks like her mommy!


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