persuasion.JPG Persuasion took me a little longer than a 180+ page book should take, but I did it.  I think I saw the Jane Austen Book Club in October… and then bought the book shortly after that…  And then restarted it in April, and now today I finished it! Not bad!

In my defense it is a Jane Austen book, which means proper old English.  I am curious to know what I would think of it if I re-read it. I really enjoyed Pride or Prejudice, but I had a really good idea of what the story was when I read it, so I was able to pick up on more details.  Maybe I’ll go back and re-read this at some point, but for now I’m glad to be through it. And it was a good story!

Seriously, I’m just proud to have finished another book! This makes 3 since Maria was born, and finishing a book 2 months in a row! yeah, pathetic, but I’m still going to be proud!

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