So a while back, I posted about diapers. And now that Charlie is 6 months old and got some good responses (Thanks!).

Now that Charlie is 6 months old, I think we’ve figured out what we like.

He started off in Pampers Sensitive, because he SCREAMED in regular Pampers. from reviews I’ve read lately too, this seems to be more common since Pampers were redesigned! These were good. Loved the yellow line that turned blue when it was wet!

We then did some Huggies Pure & Natural. no screaming and oh so soft… but they leaked a little more than I would like and were kind of spendy because I couldn’t get them in those gi-normous boxes like the other diapers.

Tried regular Huggies. Good! Liked them! No screaming. no leaks. Then tried Target Up & Up! Seriously impressed. Like them just as much as Huggies with a better price!

But nights, we still use Huggie Night Time diapers. Which I have found the best deals for at amazon.com using Subscribe & Save (30% off right now – and if you subscribe to Parents magazine, check for coupons in the Aug and Sept issue to save an extra 20%!) These deals apply to Pull-Ups too!

Speaking of Pull-Ups I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but Maria is now wearing her big girl undies overnight! It’s been about 3 weeks I think and NO accidents! What a big girl!

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