He’s Back!!!

So part of the reason I have been missing from action the last couple weeks is due to someone we have been calling Mr. FussyPants (aka Charlie!) Poor guy has been a little… ummm.. how do I put this … ahem… stopped up. And the 2 oz of prune juice each day was NOT getting things moving! And he was a bit uncomfortable for a week or so, but then last weekend he started screaming… after every bottle. Argh… so we went to the doctor. With the help of some glycerin suppositories and an extra dose of prune juice we got things moving! But still fussy… hmmmm…

Then it dawned on me! See last week I thought I was being the responsible parent who was sick of washing bottles by hand, decided to get rid of my BPA bottles that I used with Maria (but didn’t put them in the dishwasher to keep that BPA from leeching into my child’s system!) I upgraded all my BPA Avent bottles with the BPA-free Avent bottles. And even with the slight design change (an added inner ring) it never dawned on me that it may change how my child inhales (because when he is hungry that boy can suck it down!) his formula!

I think it was Monday night when I had to get up with him about 3 times and each time it took me 30 minutes to get him comfortable again, that I realized what the deal was! I hated that I had just spent $40 on new bottles. But I wanted to sleep again (and even daycare commented on how fussy he was!) So Tuesday, I took off to Babies R Us and purchased the some goods my baby (and the landfill!) Playtex Drop-Ins with disposable liners! I have heard wonderful things about these bottles! Not just how easy they are to clean, but also how little gas a baby consumes when drinking from one. And let me tell you, that first night he slept 9 hours straight. Took a bottle and went straight down. NO BURPING!! Woo hoo!!

Daycare said the next day was a dream with him (we gave her a bottle and box of drop-ins too!) So we are on Day 3 and loving having a happy baby again! So yes, We are happy!

Here is the happy guy earlier tonight! Oh, and look he can sit up for a few moments at a time, but we sit close, because he completely just tips over!!

Happy Boy

Sitting Up

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